Monday, August 30, 2010

Good news, bad news

First the bad news... we had a Super Saturday this weekend at the school, where the teachers came in for a staff meeting and to work on their NAEYC portfolios. A teacher comes and says..."I just went into the fridge, and it's hot. I think there's a problem!" And yes, it was a big problem. A fully stocked fridge with all the food spoiled...gallons of milk, gallons of soy milk, tofu, cream cheese, soy made me sick to my stomach, literally! At least we cleaned it out and better to find out Saturday than Monday morning. But even worse than the spoiled food is that we do have to buy a new fridge, and these commercial units are pricey.
But at least we do have some good news. Quite a bit, even! We finally received acknowledgement of our NAEYC candidacy.

And, we received word that we were awarded a planning grant for The GLOBE Academy, a planned dual-immersion charter school.